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Find all the water polo live scores and results on this instantly updated page so you do not miss a thing in the pool. Apart from the live scores, you will have information on the calendar and ranking of all competitions. As well as useful statistics about this popular sport.  You will not lack any relevant information to make your water polo bets with an odds comparator that almost no site offers. Moreover, if you dare, you will also be able to see some forecasts for the big events and tipsters specialized in this sport. We will give you all the necessary betting tips to understand water polo in the best way. 

Live Water Polo Scores, Results and Fixtures

All the live scores and water polo results from today or from any past water polo match are here. Sometimes it is not easy to find information about this sport. But here we offer water polo livescore with updates at the time the matches are being played.  

You can click on the "live" button to only watch live water polo matches or you can simply view past results or even the planned match schedule. You can also search by country to see the competitions or even by the league. So, if you want to see Italy's Serie A1, just go to the country information and there you will see all the information about one of the best European leagues.  

If you are interested in a particular team or match, click on the bell to be notified when that team plays or about changes in the match score. Click on the match you are interested in to see statistics or more detailed information about that match.  

Oddspedia shows you the complete water polo calendar with all the events scheduled for the next dates. Choose the day you want and you will see all the matches in the program. You can also go to past dates to see the water polo results of already finished matches.  

In addition, we give you information about all the championships. Not only will you see the PREMAAT league, which is the highest water polo competition in Spain. But we will also show you information about all the professional competitions, with special attention to the strongest ones like the Italian one. Check the classification of these competitions and the matches in the water polo tournament list both for men's and women's water polo.  

Live Streams - Watch Water Polo Live and for Free!

With our help, you will not miss that penalty shot, as we provide links to bookmakers showing the match. So you can enjoy the game and all the pool action and see the final results as they occur. 

Live Steams is a great assist for Water Polo live betting as you can make informed decisions on what you see with your own eyes. And it is easier to place bets on live games than being poolside.

Water Polo Betting and Odds Comparison

Water Polo is not the most popular option for betting. But being one of the most underused sports by gamblers has its strong sides. If you have the determination to make money betting on this sport and have enough knowledge, and the right tools, betting on Water Polo can indeed turn out to be quite profitable.

In order to be able to make water polo bets with good criteria:

That is why you are here at Oddspedia, and why we can tell you that you are in the best place to make money on water polo.  

We bring you all the information about water polo betting that is in our possession. If there are experts in this sport, we also encourage them to become tipsters and make water polo match predictions. A good option to win some money.

Odds for Water Polo

Getting the best water polo odds is the first thing you are going to do thanks to Oddspedia, and we do not mean that in a meaningless way. This platform is one of the best in the betting sector. Since it compares all the odds of the top sportsbooks dedicated to water polo. All in order to offer you the most interesting options, the ones that offer you more for the same money.

This water polo odds comparator is one of the best you will find online since it makes a deep analysis of the whole general offer in each market and each competition of this sport, so that, in the end, it only shows you the best offers you can use, the ones that bring you more profit.

Its formula becomes even more attractive if we also think about what it offers beyond this. This platform is also concerned with giving you key information to build your betting strategies, through data such as leaderboards, results in lists, or even odds of matches already held. 

Water Polo News 

Receiving information from the main national media,  we will show you the water polo news collected from reliable and relevant sports media. In this way, we collect everything they publish about water polo so that you can find that information on these pages.

We also publish rumours of water polo transfers and news about the physical condition of the players. We will also bring you information about what is on the social networks of this sport. And offer you the feeds of the official accounts of the teams.

You can always keep up to date with the latest water polo news. And if you want to expand, you can navigate to the main news section where you can find news for all available sports on the platform. Including less popular sports such as table tennis matches.

FAQ and A Guide to Water Polo

What is Water Polo?

Water polo is a team sport played in a swimming pool and consists of putting the ball into a goal. Two teams, made up of 6 players plus the goalkeeper, differentiated between them by the colour of the cap, play for four 8-minute periods. The team that scores the most goals wins.

Water polo is one of the most physically demanding sports since players have to float during the whole game. As they are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool. Also, only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with both hands.

How Many Players Are There in Water Polo?

A water polo team consists of 6 players plus the goalkeeper. There can be a total of 13 players during the match, with substitutions being made throughout the match. This way, a team has a goalkeeper, a buoy - the most relevant position and the biggest and most active player of the team-; 1 and 5 -one on each side of the goal; 3 -also in central positions, but far from the goal; 2 and 4 -placed in front of the goalpost.

Where Did Water Polo Originate?

It is not very clear. Water polo is thought to have originated in the second half of the 19th century in the United Kingdom. And as a way to break up swimming training routines. It emerged as the water variant of polo, hence its current name.


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