Tennis Live Scores, Results and Betting Odds

Find all the Tennis live scores and results on Oddspedia along with fixtures, results, rankings, news, and the best odds. You can see live information for all competitions regardless of whether they are a Grand Slam or an ITF Tournament. And also follow all the news about your favourite players. Tennis is the second most popular sport worldwide for betting. This is why we offer you a comprehensive tennis odds comparison tool to help you place profitable bets, as well as information about ongoing promotions and offers related to tennis.

Tennis Live Scores for ATP, WTA and More!  

Check all the scores of today's tennis matches, whether upcoming, live or finished. Use our calendar to choose a day and see all the tennis games scheduled for that date. Oddspedia keeps a full record of past matches, including statistics and highlights of the game.

In this section, we will show you all the results of live tennis, including those for matches that have already finished, in any tournament in the world. The site displays the most important tournaments first, ordered by popularity. But that is not all - here you can also find absolutely any professional tennis match, whether Challenger or Futures.

Click on the tennis match that piqued your interest to see all the statistics. Or you can click on the bell to receive alerts during it. You can receive alerts every time your favourite player plays or when a particular tournament begins. Therefore, you can always be up to date with everything that happens in the exciting world of tennis. Thus, you can reference any results you want whenever you want.

Tennis Matches Today, Calendar and the Latest Results  

If the world of tennis has one good thing over other sports, is that a draw is not an option. Winners are consistent and deserving. The tennis calendar is very demanding and never stops. Although the ATP and WTA professionals do take a short break in December. This is an advantage for all fans of sports and tennis betting. Due, to there always bring options to bet and watch live tennis.

In addition, the time difference of the various tournaments around the world means that there is always live tennis to bet on. Although the main circuit of the ATP and the WTA is in Europe, you can also bet on Challenger or Future tournaments in Asia or America. On top of that, you can also find Tennis fixtures from Summer Olympics when such are available.

Grand Slams

The Grand Slams are the four most important tournaments that are played throughout the year. In, both the men and women's circuits.

The Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and the US Open grab most of the attention of racket sports enthusiasts. Each of the tournaments lasts for two weeks. With the women's final the last Saturday and the men's final on Sunday.

Here you will find the best tennis forecasts for any of the Grand Slams. As well as statistics so you do not miss out on any tournaments in Melbourne, Paris, London or New York. In addition, we will give you clues on how to watch live tennis and how to make the best tennis bets during these tournaments.

Masters 1000

After the Grand Slams, the most important tournaments are the 1000 Masters in the men's circuit. There are a total of 9 different Masters 1000 tournaments in Europe, North America and Asia. Novak Djokovic is the only one who has won all nine, while Rafa Nadal is the one with the most titles in this category.

We will bring you all the results of the 1000 Masters held during the year. The complete list chronologically is:

  • Indian Wells
  • Miami
  • Monte Carlo
  • Madrid
  • Rome
  • Canada
  • Cincinnati
  • Shanghai
  • Paris

In addition, at the end of the season, the ATP finals bring together the 8 best players of the year.

The equivalent for the women's circuit would be the WTA Premier tournaments. The system is somewhat more complex and consists of four Premier Mandatory tournaments:

  1. Indian Wells
  2. Miami
  3. Madrid
  4. Beijing

The other Premier 5 tournaments are Dubai / Doha, Rome, Cincinnati, Toronto / Montreal and Wuhan. And come with 12 more Premier categories.

All ATP and WTA tournaments

In addition to the Masters 1000 or Premier tennis matches, at Oddspedia you will find all the tournaments on the ATP or WTA circuit. Geneva Open held in Geneva Switzerland, Serbia Open held in Belgrade Serbia, Lyon Open held in Lyon France just to name a few. We will always show you the tournaments in order of importance, singles and doubles. So that in the men's circuit you will first see the Masters 1000, Masters 500, and, finally, the Masters 250. The same applies to women.

Do not miss any tennis results or information about any tournament on these pages! For example, if you are interested in knowing the results of the Tennis Masters in Madrid, you just have to visit our page. The same holds true for smaller tournaments. We update the results constantly, so you will always see the live result of the tennis match without any delay.

Future and Challengers

The next most important thing that you will find at Oddspedia is the Challengers and Future Tournaments. Such as the Emilia Romagna Open held in Parma Italy on clay, both widely used in sports betting.

If you want to compare Futures or Challengers' tournament odds, then you have reached the right page. As we give you information about these tournaments from the perspective of professional tipsters and punters.

It is not always easy to find reliable information about this type of big tournament. So we have gone above and beyond to provide you with live results and other very useful information for your bets.

Davis Cup and Federation Cup

Although they are in the process of modernization and profound change, the Davis Cup and the Federation Cup are also absolute classics in the sport of tennis. We will give you all the results of both tournaments, as well as statistics, news, and betting odds.

Without a doubt, they are competitions by country par excellence in the world of tennis. Currently, the world of tennis is undergoing a great revolution because it wants to alter the calendar. And a new format of the Davis Cup has been created. When that happens, you will not miss a single bit of info about those games here!

Tennis Live Streaming - Where to Watch Tennis Online 

Watching tennis live via streaming is something sought by a large number of fans. And the truth is that sometimes it is simpler than it seems. Many betting companies - especially bet365 - offer you live streams of tennis games. These totally free so you can follow the evolution of the matches without missing any details.

When this happens, the only thing that betting sites ask for is that you have an account with them. And have placed a bet recently. This is not much to ask considering that you can also watch live streams for other sports. For example - basketball matches and even cricket matches. In this way, you can watch tennis online and live for free at no extra charge. However, in general, the Grand Slams or large events are outside this circuit. So you have to go to the platform that holds the rights in the country you are in.

Breaking Tennis News and the Latest Updates

In addition to tennis live scores, we also offer you all the news from the most relevant and specialized tennis media outlets. Check the latest headlines about your favourite player or the tournament. Furthermore, you can go directly to the corresponding page to get even more news updates.

Do not miss the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest news about tennis. Including, injuries of the tennis players, their pre or post-match statements, as well as analysis of the season or the current situation. At Oddspedia, you can find all information about tennis so you always know what is happening on and off the court.

Tennis Betting Odds and Sites

In our tennis betting section, we offer a real-time tennis odds comparison. So that you can always find the bookmakers that offer the best bang for your bucks. We will not only give you odds on the winner of the match but also offer you other popular markets. Such as game and set handicaps, totals, and correct match results.

We also want to tell you which are the best sports betting sites for tennis. Who offers the best promos or bonuses dedicated exclusively to this sport or which ones offer you live streaming tennis matches. All this information about tennis bets can be found on our website.

As if that were not enough, let us introduce our crown jewel: tennis predictions. Here you will find the best free tennis tipsters giving you betting tips. So you know where to bet and what games can give you money. You can also check tennis sure bets on our secure betting page. And we have other tools at your disposal that can be useful such as value bets, suspended matches, or suspended odds. All these tools should make your tennis bets easier!

Tennis Odds Comparison - Check for the Best Tennis Odds

Find the best tennis match odds in our comparator! Here you will see which bookmaker offers you the highest odds for a given result. We show you only the bookmakers that are available in your country thanks to our geolocation tool. You can change this selection if you want to see operators in another country.

You can check our tennis odds comparison before the matches, alongside live odds for the tennis matches you want. Our algorithm constantly reviews the odds offered by the different live betting bookmakers. Thereby, always offering you the most accurate and up to date information about live tennis matches.

Choose your favourite competition or exclude or include live matches according to what suits your needs. Our tennis odds comparison tool is fully customizable so you can always easily find those tennis odds that interest you. Remember that thanks to getting the highest odds, in the long term punters can benefit from much higher income.

The Best Tennis Betting Bonuses

We want to show you the best tennis betting bonuses offered by the operators in your country. Welcome bonuses from the bookmakers are always available for tennis. In addition, the bets on this sport always comply with the rollover - as long as the minimum quota is respected.

However, it is very worth taking a look at the tennis bonuses because on many occasions bookies may launch exclusive offers for tennis. Such as combined returns or extra bonuses. From time to time they may offer you some bonuses for the Grand Slams or even enhanced odds for prominent matches.

Therefore, it is always worth consulting the operators to see what they offer in terms of tennis bets. Our goal is to always offer the latest information so you can see all the tennis offers and enjoy them at your trusted bookie.

Betting on Tennis - FAQ 

What Are the Best Tennis Bookmakers?

The best tennis bookmakers are those that offer the greatest number of events, markets, and offers. As well as the possibility to watch tennis matches in live streaming. In this way, they must offer Challenger and Future tournaments, have competitive promotions, and also give punters the option of watching live matches. In our view, Bet365 and Betfair are the ones that best meet these requirements.

Where to Watch Live Tennis Matches Online?

If you want to watch live tennis games for free while still streaming them legally? The best way is to select a bookmaker that offers live streaming to its users. Bet365 is the one with the highest number of broadcasts for tennis events.

Is It Possible to Make Money with Tennis Bets?

Of course, it is possible to win money with tennis bets. Although only by following a method that allows us to win. Paying attention to specialized tipsters or finding the best odds are two important steps to earning money. You can also use safe bets in tennis. This is a technique that ensures that you will always win, albeit the payout might not be very big.

Where Can I Find Safe Tennis Bets?

Oddspedia offers you safe tennis bets that are pretty much guaranteed to win based on the different skill levels of the players. Access our sure bets tool and look in the area of ​​tennis matches to find all those related to the sport of tennis. Remember that to take advantage of them you must create accounts at several bookmakers.

How Do I Predict Tennis Results?

Predicting tennis results is not an easy task, but there are some methods that can help you be more successful in your forecasts. The best way is to follow the tennis statistics and the news around the tennis player you are betting on, which will make you understand how he arrives at the event and how his numbers stack up to the rival. Then, you also have to have a broad knowledge of the sport, since they are difficult concepts to acquire in a short time.

What Happens to My Bet if A Tennis Player Retires?

If a player withdraws or leaves the tournament, your bet will be altered and the result will depend on the moment in which the withdrawal takes place or the bookmaker at which you have placed your bet. There are bookmakers that only accept the bet if the match has ended completely (bet365, William Hill or Betstars). Whilst others a set has to be concluded for the bet to be valid (Betfair, Sportium, Bwin). There are even fewer (Codere or Retabet) where, if a point is played, the bet will be valid even if one of the players withdraws.

How Do I Win with Tennis Bets?

There are several tips that we can give you to help you win at your tennis bets. Although none of them is completely infallible - there is no magic formula, and ultimately betting is more of an art than a science. Following the best tennis tipsters is the best way to make sure that you bet with a good cause. You should also use the tennis sure bets we offer you as much as possible while checking statistics and news to ensure you maximize your wins.  .

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