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At Oddspedia we present you with all the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) scorecards and match results as they happen, along with statistics. Furthermore, discover the best odds for any MMA fight on the calendar. Also, you will be able to follow MMA fighters from all the tournaments. Whether it is an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Glory World Series or Bellator MMA Tournaments. Follow all the latest news from the world of combat sports on our page. And get an insight into the combat sport fighting world you have never experienced before!

Mixed Martial Arts at Oddspedia

Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact combat sport where participants use various forms of fighting. These could be:

  • Karate
  • Judo
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Wrestling
  • Thai boxing
  • And many other fighting techniques.

 To bring you the best MMA bets, the Oddspedia team offers you the best odds for all mixed martial arts matches. On our platform, we have the best and biggest MMA events. Besides the UFC matches we have:

Here at Oddspedia, bettors can count on the best odds available at bookmakers in the UK. As well as being able to check a wide variety of martial arts betting markets. Also, at Oddspedia bettors can see the profit percentage. Thus allowing them to make a more informed decision in relation to the choice of a bookmaker. This is all possible thanks to our cutting edge Martial Arts odds comparator.

But these are not the only features of the site. Also, we offer you a filter where you can choose the best MMA combat for you as well as the start time of each match. Remember that live betting is available on martial arts matches.  Furthermore, we show all the information in real-time. So, you always have the latest information at hand when you place your bet.

In our table, you will see the odds for the fighters, with the first column corresponding to the first fighter. If you click on any of the fights, you will find more information about markets. Such as:

  • The combat tournament
  • Best odds from the bookmakers
  • Possible profits you can gain
  • Statistics of each fighter, according to the type of tournament

Therefore, you will have all the information to bet on Mixed Martial Arts. And get more profits thanks to our help.

MMA Live Statistics - Explore UpComing UFC Fights

You can check all the results from today's main event and all mixed martial arts matches, as they happen and preview scheduled fights. Use our calendar to choose the day and see all the Mixed Martial Arts data you want. You can even view fights from previous dates, plus statistics and highlights.

In this section, we will show you all the live MMA statistics and those for all the finished bouts from around the world. First, we will show you the most important tournaments:

  1. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
  2. Glory World Series
  3. Bellator MMA Tournaments
  4. ONE Championship
  5.  KSW matches (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) in Poland 
  6. Jungle Fight in Brazil
  7. Cage Warriors in the UK

Click on the MMA combat that interests you to see all the statistics, results, rankings of the fighters. Or click on the bell to receive alerts during the match. Also, you create alerts for your favourite fighter and tournaments of interest.

MMA Live Streams

Watch MMA streams with our help. No matter if it is a fight from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or another top tournament we have links to the best MMA streams at the top bookmakers. Go to the MMA live events page and select the fight of interest and click on the "watch" button or the event viewer. You will then be directed to a trustworthy online bookmaker that is streaming the MMA match and then you can watch.

MMA Schedule - Today's Fights and Upcoming Tournaments

In addition to viewing mixed martial arts results as they happen, you can also see the full fight schedule. No matter where the fight is taking place in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Rio de Janeiro, Great Britain or anywhere, Oddspedia will have the schedule.  Simply, in the calendar at the top, choose the date you want to check. And you will see all the MMA fights from that day.  Importantly, we show you martial arts schedules according to the time zone you are in so you do not miss the big fight.

So, if you are looking for any tournament schedule, you will find it here! In addition, we show you all the up to date competition lists as well as rankings in all tournaments. Just choose the tournament in question and you can see all their schedules. Find out when the next MMA event will be and make your betting strategy.

The Latest MMA News and Rumours

 On this page, you will find the latest mixed martial arts news. So, you are fully informed about everything that happens in the world of fighting. Oddspedia has agreements with the main media outlets to offer you the latest MMA news. 

On this page, you will see all MMA news in general,  and news for specific competitions. Such as the Bellator tournament or the ONE Championship. Furthermore, you can share the MMA news among your friends with the sharing buttons. Besides this, you can also create alerts to receive notifications about tournaments or your favourite fighters.  At Oddspedia, you will find all the information about MMA, so you will always be up to date with What is going on in the ring or octagon cage. 

Our news section boasts news for all sports available on our platform even for Pesapallo matches and Futsal matches.

MMA Betting - The Best Odds and Betting Sites

Live Betting and watching the odds evolve as events unfold is an exciting experience! Here you can find the key to making your first live bets.

Find all the information you need to successfully place your mixed martial arts live bet. You will find the "Live" button, on which you can click to see only the live bets, i.e. fights in progress.

In our MMA betting section, we want to offer a real-time odds comparison. So you can always find the bookmakers who offer the best odds for your bets. Also, we will inform you which are the best bookmakers for mixed martial arts betting bonuses.

Here you will find the best free MMA tipsters and betting tips so that you know which fighter to bet on to win money. We have other tools at your disposal that can be useful. Such as betting offers, previews and suspended odds. All these tools should make it easier for you to place a bet in the world of combat fighting. 

Odds Comparison

Find the best mixed martial arts odds in our comparator. Here you will see which bookmaker offers the highest odds for each given fight. Thanks to our geolocation tool we only show betting sites available in your country. You can change this selection if you wish to see operators in another country.

You can check our MMA odds comparison before the matches and also live odds for the matches you want. Our algorithm constantly analyses the odds offered by the different bookmakers. To always provide the latest odds for MMA fights you want.

Our MMA odds comparison tool is customizable, so you can always find the odds you want. Remember that, thanks to this type of tool, you are guaranteed to reap greater benefits. Which, in the long run, can mean a much higher income.

MMA Betting Statistics

Every sport is awash with statistics, which is probably down to the fanatics of this data, the Americans. Football broadcasts talk about right/wrong passes, shots on goal, offside, corners. The same happens in other sports, i.e. you could spend a long time listing the use of statistics in sport.

We at Oddspedia provide users with all the statistics of kicks and punches thrown, hit, blocked, drops and finishing attempts.  Also, we give the fighter's performance in past fights. For example, if he/she comes from a long victorious career, or if he/she has been knocked out (KO) a lot throughout their career.

MMA Fighters Head-2-Head - Compare Now!

In addition to all these relevant mixed martial arts statistics. Oddspedia has created a head to head match tool to compare fighters. This tool is essential for the user to have when betting on the fighters and the sport's biggest stars. So, if you ask yourself who is better -  the legendary Conor McGregor or the Russian Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov. Maybe it is Australian Alexander “The Great ” Volkanovski or Jon Jones, who is considered the greatest MMA fighter. Or check the stats and compare the ones like Jose Aldo, or the deadliest MMA Brazilian, Amanda Nunes. Who was the first fighter to beat the incredible Cris Cyborg.

You have access to a wide range of combat fighters' stats. So you can compare and see each of the fighter's characteristics before the fight. Thus, you have a new mechanism to see who is Statistically the best in the ring.

How to Make Better Predictions for MMA Today

Those who follow the UFC already know that predicting a winner is not an easy job. Many new punters think it is just a simple fight and basic win rates can determine the winner. Not at all! To win the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the fighter needs to be complete. So, a combination of physical strength, mental ability and a mixture of different styles. Each matchup is different and the course of the event can sway many times between the two fighters.

It is also important to decide on the markets such as round betting, we offer guides and UFC betting tips to help with this. Also do not forget to check UFC betting odds or the tournament that interests you to help with your choice of markets amongst other things.

There is a vast array of tournaments, with dozens of fighters divided into their respective weight categories. That is why it is so important to research everything that involves a fight before making a bet. So, do your homework before placing your bet at one of the recommended bookmakers.

Predictions for Mixed Martial Arts - Top Tipsters

Expert predictions are especially useful as they involve all the aspects that can influence a fight. In other words: these predictions are not a mere vote of confidence in one or the other fighter. They are, in fact, a projection based on the different elements used by bookmakers to calculate the odds of each fight. The favourites of a duel in the octagon cage are usually those with a more significant cartel. Such as a sequence of good results, and proper preparation.

The experts' predictions take all this into account. All the small details can make a difference. Such as:

  • Watch the official weigh-in - Confidence and how the fighters look
  • Avoid betting on super favourite fighters
  • Pay attention to the age of the fighters and the fighting styles

MMA Betting - FAQ

Which Are the Best Bookmakers for MMA Betting?

The competition in the market is great. But the best mixed martial arts bookmakers are those that offer a range of aspects. Like the greatest number of events, markets, odds and MMA promotions. In our opinion,888sport,  Bet365 or Marathonbet are the ones that best meet these requirements..

Where to Watch Live MMA Matches Online?

To watch an MMA competition or single fights live and legally, it is best to select a bookmaker who offers live streaming to its users.  We have identified the top 3  bookmakers that offer selections to watch MMA live. They are 888sport, Bet365, and Marathonbet which stream the most fights an

How to Win on MMA Bets?

Because MMA is still relatively new in the betting world is still being discovered by bettors. Almost everyone knows the basic rules and the main fighters. Thus allowing them to make a simple bet at the bookmakers for a UFC fight.

Who wins in a possible rematch, Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov? Just point to your favourite and that is it and hope for the final result you want. But there are several other possibilities for those looking for the best options to bet on the UFC.

Did you know that it is possible to make other bets for even more advantageous odds? For example, do you give Jon Jones a knockout or Khabib a win by judges' decision? Another interesting bet is knowing in how many rounds the fight will last? Check out our UFC betting tips for assistance.

Anyway, there are plenty of possibilities for fight fans and new bettors to combat sports betting to explore. It is up to you to follow the major events and the trajectory of the fighters and draw up a winning strategy.


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