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At Oddspedia we present all the Futsal live scores, fixtures and results. Together with the calendar, statistics, forecasts or the best odds for any futsal match in the world. You will be able to see the players of all tournaments live, regardless of whether it is a Brazilian championship tournament (National Futsal League) or the first league of the Czech Republic championship. You will also have information about futsal betting, a very complete odds comparison, including live odds and forecasts from our futsal experts. Follow all the news from the Futsal world on our page.

Futsal on Oddspedia

If you were looking for tips to start betting on futsal games, you can count on our help. Here at Oddspedia, you will have access to all the major futsal events taking place in the world, you will be able to access the events that will take place in the coming days (among them is the futsal Futsal World Cup, an event organized by FIFA - the highest football organization). You can also follow futsal results, match by match, live, compare the odds to bet on each team, having resources such as odds made through expert analysis so that you have all the chances to bet with the maximum chance to hit.

Find league ratings, results of previous matches, pre-game analysis and much more useful information. For those who want to bet on futsal, they will find detailed and useful statistics, as well as predictions, all to find out all about futsal. Also, you can always check what the Oddspedia community thinks, as users will be able to make their own forecasts, submit tips, comment on the news and much more.

Futsal Live Scores - Today's Fixtures and the Latest Results

Find on this page all futsal results today or any day you choose. The live scores are updated instantly so you can always find out immediately what is happening in futsal pitches around the world. As you can see, at Oddspedia you can find all the futsal world championships and you will see that it is very easy to access the information you want and customize the games you prefer to watch. You can find all the futsal championships like the FIFA Futsal World Cup and UEFA Futsal Championship. We also cover national leagues such as:

  • Russia Superliga
  • Italy Serie A1
  • Spain Primera Division
  • Taca Da Liga
  • The National Futsal League

At Oddspedia and you will see that it is very easy to access the necessary information and customize the games of your choice.

In this first tab, you will find the futsal results, with the most relevant results, depending on the geographical area you visit. However, you have the option to change the preferred view of the games by clicking on the bell next to the event.

Futsal Game Listings

In addition to watching live futsal results, you will also be able to see exactly the full schedule of the games. In the calendar at the top, choose the date you want to check, either yesterday or tomorrow, and you will see all the futsal games that will be played on the day. We show you the futsal schedules according to the time zone you are in.

So if you want to see the schedule of any futsal match, here you will find all the matches in the world. You will also see the lists of all competitions with the rankings updated in real-time. You just need to choose the tournament you want to see all the details about. Find out when the next game will take place and keep up to date.  

Live Futsal Streams

Also, if you want to watch live futsal matches, just select our "live" filter and we will only show the matches that are currently being played. If you want more information about the matches in question, click on them and you will be able to see all the statistics of the matches in question.

Futsal Odds

Futsal is an extremely dynamic and fast game, because of these characteristics games tend to change quickly. For example, the replacement of the goalkeeper with a line player or a sudden goal. And this is something that online betting sites do not usually take into account. So comparing futsal odds is a very important factor when choosing which bets to place. Definitely, odds are fundamental in online futsal betting.

Remember that, thanks to this type of tool, the user guarantees greater benefits that, in the long run, can mean a much higher income.

In our futsal betting section, we offer a real-time odds comparator. So you can always find the bookmakers who offer the best odds for your bets. Also, you can find the best bookmakers for futsal, with offers and bonuses dedicated exclusively to this sport.

Live Odds and Betting

Betting live during a sporting event and watching the quotas evolve as events unfold is an incredible experience. Here you can find the key to making your first live bets.

Find all the information you need to successfully place your live futsal bets. You will find the "Live" button, on which you can click to see only the live bets. I.E. the teams that are playing at that moment.

Tips and Betting Tools

Here you will find the best free futsal tipsters that will give you advice and betting tips to follow. You can also check our betting guides and tools that can be useful such as:

All of these tools should make it easy for you to bet in the world of futsal.  

Futsal News

On this page, the latest futsal news you are fully informed about everything that happens in the world of the futsal court. 

Oddspedia offers not only futsal results but also the latest futsal news from top news outlets online. On this page, you will see all the news about Futsal in general. But you can find news about any particular competition you like. Use the share buttons to easily share futsal news with your friends. Also, create notifications to get updates on the news that interests you most. 

If futsal is not your sport, you can also browse news for different sports and upcoming events like American football matches or MMA results.

FAQ on Futsal and Betting

How Many Players Are There in A Futsal Team?

In futsal, also known as indoor soccer, each team is composed of 5 players, 4 in front and 1 goalkeeper. At any time the coach of the team can call any substitute to enter in place of the starting. There are unlimited substitutions, so each coach can constantly change his players.

What Are the Rules of Futsal?

Futsal is divided into two 20-minute periods - with the exception of the Russian league which is two 25-minute periods. Some rules are also different from football, with the clock stopping every time the ball leaves the court or a foul occurs.

Each team has their collective fouls added up and on the sixth foul, the opponent has one (free kick) in their favour. In which the striker is face to face with the goalkeeper from a distance of 10 meters. So a kind of penalty if you like. Players still have the option to take the kick at the place where the sixth foul was committed if a more advantageous angle and in the same way without a barrier.

Another difference from other sports is the sending off of a player. The team that has its player sent off is forced to stay 2 minutes with one player less or even take a goal. After one of these cases occurs, a new player can enter the court, balancing the confrontation. It is worth mentioning that the player that was sent off cannot return to the confrontation. In addition, each team can use one minute per period, for the coach to give the team some guidance.    

Which Are the Best Bookmakers for Futsal betting?

Although Futsal is not as prestigious and famous as football, there are bookmakers who offer bets for it. The best bookmakers in futsal are those that offer the largest number of events, markets, and offers. Also, those which give you the possibility to watch futsal matches on a live stream. Depending on your geographical area, we will give you the best legal bookmakers to bet online with.  

Where to Watch Live Futsal Games Online?

As futsal is not as popular as football, not all bookmakers offer to bet for it. Among those offering are Netbet, Bet365, and 1xbet. For online futsal betting, you can choose the bookmaker with the highest number of bettors at the time you want to place the bet, this will increase your profit possibilities.  

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