Badminton Live Scores, Streams, Fixtures and Odds

If you follow badminton, you can find badminton live scores in real-time at Oddspedia. The site boasts extensive coverage of the sport from around the world, giving live updates of most of the competitions. So, if you are unable to watch your favourite players, Oddspedia has your back.

Badminton Live Scores

Oddspedia offers detailed live information on the games. So that you are able to know all the events that happen in a match. Some of the information that is updated in real-time includes point leaders, goalscorers and the match status. It gets even better; you can find badminton live scores for the matches today, yesterday and at any time in the past.

The site also has a badminton calendar to make it easy for you to get all the results of previous matches on a particular day. You just need to select the date you are interested in and see all the games of the day along with the reported events in each game. In most cases, there are five to twenty games played daily, although it depends on the month you are looking at.

You can also use the same calendar to check the badminton fixtures today so that you pick the game to follow or bet on. There is also a weekly badminton schedule where you can view games across the week with ease. Here, you will find between twenty and fifty upcoming matches across the week. As games are in-play, the information is fed into the results in real-time. Besides, the upcoming games schedule shows other games in line, the date and time they will be played. You can use the live scores page to follow any game from such leagues as the Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup and Thomas Cup to friendlies, international competitions such as the:

  • World Championship
  • Women Africa Championships
  • Any match from the Badminton World Tour
  • or games from remote parts of the world

Badminton Live Streams 

Not only does oddspedia furnish you with livescore updates and live odds, but also the perfect accompaniment. Links to watch the badminton games that you want to watch!

On any match event page, you will see a live stream viewer. Click on the watch button on the right-hand side to link you to the live stream at the bookmaker. And then from either your mobile or from the comfort of your own home, you can watch the match and place live bets. So not missing out on any sure bets and/or action from the court.

Badminton Odds Comparison  

Oddspedia has partnered with over 80 bookmakers from around the world. Therefore, you can get the best odds for any badminton game of the day. Besides, the site refreshes the odds in real-time. So that you get the latest odds and know which odds are moving. There are over 100 markets so giving a wide range of betting options for any game.

Furthermore, you get odds for every available sporting event on the platform including not so popular Bandy matches or Aussie Rules matches.

The site only works with reputable online operators. Therefore, you can pick any operator that has the highest odds after making a comparison and be sure to collect your winnings on the settling of the bet. Oddspedia arranges games in such a format that it is possible to compare different markets at a glance and pick your preferred bookmaker with a click of a button. Besides, the platform shows some of the bookmakers offers available to new players. Thus you can pick one with the best offer for your next betting selections.

Live Betting Odds

Live betting gives you a chance to watch the game for some time before deciding where to place your money. This increases your chance of winning more than you would in the pre-match section. Oddspedia offers the highest live bedding odds from the over 80 bookmakers on the site. Therefore, you are assured of the best returns for your live selections. Some markets may disappear as the game continues while odds move as per the time and performance of the sides. However, you can still get good odds throughout the period the game with be ongoing.

Just like the odds comparison section, the format of live games allows you to find markets and bookmakers with the highest odds. Since you also get live updates of each game in the in-play section, you have all the data you need to make accurate predictions when staking against various badminton matches.

The Latest Badminton News and Headlines

If you love badminton, Oddspedia gives you factual news aggregated from all the major news outlets around the world. It keeps you in the know with badminton news that includes transfers and injuries for players around the globe. On the other hand, you can also find all the rumours and personal life stories of some of the leading players. Besides, Oddspedia has the most comprehensive badminton headlines to let you know as events unfold. It uploads news in real-time so that you are first to know what is happening on the court or with tournament organisers.

For punters, the site offers lots of betting news with the latest badminton latest updates on events, players and sponsors. It is also the best site to find all the latest badminton social media news from Twitter and Facebook posts about all aspects of the game. Get all the information in one location, player or tournament with a few clicks of a button.

Badminton Betting Guide – FAQ

How Do You Calculate Betting Odds?

Badminton odds determine the amount you are to win if your prediction sails through. Most betting sites provide odds in fraction form, but you can change to decimals. Here is an example; if a selection has odds of 4/1, it means that you get $4 for every $1 you bet. In decimal form, odds of 4.0 on a stake of $1 means that you get $4 after the game ($3 in winnings).

How Do You Choose a Betting Site for Badminton?

When picking betting sites, go for reputable sites that pay winners soon after the completion of the game. Besides, use the badminton odds comparison feature on Oddspedia to pick bookmakers with the best odds. You should also check the number of available markets on the games you are interested in along with the coverage of the games. Compare the number of games with that of the Oddspedia website.

How Does Badminton Betting Odds Work?

in the course of the game. The % probability is calculated as follows; %probability = B/ (A+B). The numerator is A and the denominator is B. Here is an example: The winning probability for odds of 4/1 can be calculated as follows 1/(4+1) = 1/5 or 0.2. There is a 20% chance of the event occurring. Your prediction depends on the estimation of the probability.

How Do You Predict Badminton Results?

You can apply various methods to make your betting predictions. Start by checking the team or player standings versus the opponent and performance in the last encounters. Then, predict possible performance based on these stats. Be keen to check if there are new signings or injuries to lead players as this may alter the results in favour of one side.

Is It Possible to Make Money Betting on Badminton?

Yes, it is possible to make money betting. However, you must take the time to analyze the games at hand and make the right predictions. Use the Oddspedia stats page to build team and player analyses and view past performances to increase your chances of winning in your next selections. The site also offers tips for various games and markets.

Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Badminton?

While betting is a game of probability, you can increase your winning with a few strategies. First, where the player physique for opposing sides is nearly equal, consider markets that are not outright winners to lower risk. Second, use past performance and standings to predict performance for the game at hand since most teams have consistent performance across the league. Third, where one side is highly favoured to win, consider handicap betting to increase the odds.  

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