Aussie Rules Live Scores, Results and Betting Odds

Oddspedia Aussie Rules live scores give you the updates of the game in real-time to enable you to follow your favourite team even when you are not watching the game. This site has extensive coverage of all the major and minor Aussie rules games. Therefore, you expect to find any live score updates of any game that is playing on any day. 

Aussie Rules Live Scores

This site does more than just give you the latest scores for Aussie Rules. It also updates you on match details other events happening in the field, such as fouls, assists and game interruptions. You are also able to know the best scorers, leading teams and the length of the time the match has played. And any AFL live scores. This page has all Aussie rules live scores and results from the previous match day, today and any date in the past.

To view updates for Aussie rules fixtures on a date in the past, use the Aussie rules calendar. Scroll down to the date on which you would like to view matches and click it. A list of the games played on the day will show. You can explore each game on the list to get Aussie rules results for past matches, along with the events that took place in the course of each game. In high season, there are over ten games each day, but you will still get two to five several months when it is not high season.

Oddspedia also has an Aussies rules schedule that you can use to determine games that will be playing throughout the week. If you just want to view the Aussie matches today, click the today icon and other dates for matches on future dates. This enables you to plan adequately for your betting or determine when your favourite team will be getting into the field. Aussie rules upcoming matches list shows the date and the time each game will be playing. It is a perfect tool to follow some of the major leagues such as:

Live Streams - Watch the Footie For Free!

So not only do you get the latest Scores in real-time and AFL live updates but also links to watch the game. On any match day page, such as Richmond Tigers v Gold Coast Suns you will see a live stream viewer. Click on the watch button on the right-hand side to link you to the live stream at the bookmaker.

Aussie Rules Odds Comparison - Get the Best Odds from the Top Bookmakers

There are over 80 bookmakers featured on the Oddspedia platform. They come from various parts of the world to cater for any player in any jurisdiction. Its Aussie rules odds comparison section provides bookmakers with the best odds for any market. Including live odds, to enable users to maximise their winnings from any selection.

All the bookmakers featured on the platform are reputable companies. Therefore, you can join any of them and be sure to get your cash winnings at the end of the game. There are over 100 markets featured on this section, thereby giving you a chance to pick the best Aussie Rules betting odds for whatever selection that you make. Besides, Oddspedia shows some of the bonuses that new players stand to get for joining any of the sites. That is an added advantage if you are new to the bookmaker that has high odds.

Odds are refreshed in real-time. Therefore, what you see on the site is what is reflected in the respective bookmaker's platforms. High odds, combined with other features discussed in this article, provide you with the best chance to make the right prediction and win lots of cash with high odds.

Live Betting Odds

Unlike pre-match betting, live betting gives you a chance to have a look at the teams that are playing against each other before placing your cash on the game. This enables you to make a better prediction as you have some insight into the performance of each team. Besides, some live game selections are settled in the course of the game. Therefore, you do not have to wait for the entire length of the game to get your wins. On Oddspedia, you can have the highest betting odds for any game that is currently playing and increase your earnings.

Just like the pre-match section, the betting odds in this section keep changing, depending on the team's performance and time. However, it updates them in real-time as they change in the individual sites. You also get updates on the same page so that you can make selections based on the insights from the events of the games in question. If you have not placed your bet before the game started, you can still have good live odds to make substantial winnings from your predictions at the site.

Aussie Rules News

Aussie rules is a popular game. Therefore, all the leading new sites are always on the alert to report any news relating to the game. It could be rumours of a possible transfer, actual transfers, boardroom decisions and any league changes. Oddspedia gives you factual and accurate Aussie rules news as soon as they occur. It is also the best site to catch up with today's Aussie Rules headlines and any other news that has an effect on the game. 

Oddspedia only works with reputable, leading news sites. Therefore, syndicated news is authentic and well-researched. The information is updated immediately for the users to see. Therefore, use it for the Aussie rules latest updates on and off of the field. Besides, apart from the news, Oddspedia scans the social media platforms to give any Aussie rules social media news from any of the players and their respective clubs. News forms part of the data that you need to ensure that you have made the right selection. Therefore, keep checking the latest updates on the site to increase your knowledge of the game on the field and in the boardroom for fun or to improve your game prediction. Our news section is rich in variety and provides news for many different sports, popular and not so popular.

You can find news for upcoming Badminton matches or for the latest Handball results.

Aussie Rules Betting Guide – FAQ

How to Calculate Betting Odds?

You can calculate the Aussie rules odds to determine how much you are likely to make if your prediction turns out to be correct. Depending on the format you are looking at, the mode of calculation can be different. Here is an example; if a selection has odds of 2/1, it means that every $1 gives you $2. These odds are equivalent to 3.0 in decimal odds (you earn $3 for every $1 and get a profit of $2).


How to Choose a Betting Site for Aussie Rules?

You should choose online bookmakers that have a reputation for offering high odds and paying their punters on time. Use the Oddspedia Aussie Odds comparison feature to determine the site with the highest odds. Besides, compare the game and market coverage among various bookmakers and pick the one with the biggest coverage and most markets. Oddspedia works with multiple leading bookmakers on its platform. This is a good start when looking for reputable bookmakers.

How Do Betting Odds Work?

Aussie rules betting odds show the probability of the event happening in the course of the game in question. Bookmakers take into account the general opinion along with other variables to determine the likelihood of the event occurring. Here is an example; with the odds of 3.0, the probability of the event occurring is 1/3 x 100 = 33.3%. In the fraction format, these odds are 2/1 and their probability is (1/2+1)100 = 33.3%.

How to Predict Aussie Rules Results?

You can predict Aussie rules results from the insights you get after analysing past performance, team form and other variables that play in the game such as:

  • Home-ground advantage
  • Injuries to key players
  • Current Form

Besides, most teams have a consistent pattern of performance with particular opponents. Make a prediction based on the performance expectation based on the sum of all the insights and the strength of the opponent. 

Is It Possible to Make Money Betting on Aussie Rules?

Yes, you can make money betting on Aussie rules matches. However, it requires patience, discipline and good analytic skills to make correct predictions. You can start by checking the tips on Oddspedia for a head start in market and game selections. However, you should also check the stats of the team or individual player who you are interested in before placing your stake. Besides, know when to stop and take a break so that you have a clear mind when making your predictions.


Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Aussie Rules?

When predicting Aussie rules games, go for handicaps if one team has a significant advantage over the other. On the other hand, if the teams in question have a similar standing, consider other markers other than the outright wins. Besides, check the team standings using the Oddspedia stats page to determine the likely performance of your favourite team.

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